All the car fans know about the Detroit Show 2013 that was such a hit. It was during that show that many amazing cars were unveiled and left the audience in awe. It was a splendid display of car attraction and even benefited the car manufacturers. There were numerous car concepts that were unveiled in the show however for quite some time now, there were certain rumors regarding the new Lincoln being much smaller. However the Lincoln MKC concept was unveiled in the show as a means of telling everyone what exactly the model is about.

Exterior of Lincoln MKC Concept

The Lincoln MKC concept has quite a simple design and layout. What really makes the car look elegant and sleek are the bold and aggressive design lines that give it a dominant and sporty look. The best feature of the car is the intriguing taillights. Some other remarkable elements of the car design include windows which are frameless and the signature split wing grille and the roof that is panoramic. Read More: