Here is a SUV which surely hold the market and make it on Fire. The company, Toyota has influenced the market of SUV with its lavishing Innova for elongated; forecasting it’s reducing impact in the category of compact SUV. Toyota Rush offers lot of Toyota prospects to recover its best Compact SUV’s crown.

Engine Capability

This vehicle contains all for its category and price tag. The Engine growls with a 1495 cc displacement, a BHP (Break Horse Power) of 108 at the 6000 rpm as well as a highest torque at 4400 rpm of 141Nm. The astonishing Rush is motorized by a 5 speed transmission of manual gearbox occupying a 4-speed automatic transmission, with a good designed gate-shifter gearbox method. Toyota Rush comes with a less turning 5.2m radius and a significant fuel tank having maximum 50 liters capacity. Read More: