A well-known Hyundai Intrado concept is actually intended for the Geneva motor show in 2014. By Peter Schreyer who is Hyundai design team’s head, sister-brand Kia CEO. It will revolutionize the world of auto-vehicles.
The Hyundai Intrado is considered to be as much as possible to be light in weight, mentioning at what is the future of different vehicles seen by Hyundai. Is there anything improvement about the concept of Hyundai Intrado?

It is constructed from super- steel which is light in weight, attached to a chassis made up of carbon fiber and about this Hyundai has left revealed other than in addition to save its weight. Yet the name of car is thought to clue at weightlessness, resulting from Intrados, the aircraft wing bottom is able to create zone of low pressure that produces lift option. Read More :AutosModel.com