Exterior Design

In terms of the exterior design, that is truly the most attractive feature of the model. The design flaunts a two-toned colour palette and the angular design of the car imparts a sleek and edgy feel to the vehicle. Despite this, the design has a neat feel to it because the designers have refrained from adding unnecessary curves and bulges to the model. While this adds simplicity and personality to the design, it also makes it more streamlined.

Interior Design

Coming to the interiors of the 2015 Ferrari Sergio, the model is based on a highly customized interior design. The color scheme is not particularly creative as the designers have used a simple black and red contrasting colour scheme. The seats are entirely made with black leather. The use of carbon fiber is particularly noticeable and whether one views it positively depends on the acquired taste. For practical purposes, the use of carbon fiber contributes to the light weight of the car and helps the car achieve high driving speeds. The dashboard has been provided with a simple design and is equipped with large buttons to help the driver shift from one driving mode to another with ease and convenience. What especially takes some of the appeal away from the interior is that it is not particularly novel. Similar styles have been seen in other models from Ferrari, in particular the 458 series from the manufacturer.

Drivetrain Features

The drivetrain of the 2015 Ferrari Sergio offers nothing different from earlier models in the same family. Like the interior design, the drivetrain resembles the drivetrain from the 458 series especially the 458 Speciale. The engine is impressive considering the fact that the model represents a concept car. The 2015 Ferrari Sergio is powered by a V-8 engine with 4.5 liter capacity. This gives immense power to the engine and thus allows the car a power of 596 hp and torque of 9000 rpm. In terms of speed, the latest model from Ferrari serves well as it is able to go from zero to 60 mph in only 3 seconds. Read More: AutosModel.com