They lead the way forward in new car technology

It’s no secret that in their native Japan, Toyota are leaders when it comes to new technology. For example, the firm is working with the Japanese government on a new hydrogen fuel cell project. They want a network of hydrogen filling stations available in the country.

They also hope that other governments will follow suit. That’s because hydrogen is a cleaner source of energy than gasoline.

Toyota put safety at the forefront of everything they do

It’s no secret that some car makers drag their heels with large-scale safety issues. They try to avoid liability for defects in their vehicles as long as possible. Sometimes, it takes a fatality to spark them into action.

Toyota is unique in that they deal with safety issues as a priority. If they identify a problem, they will do what it takes to recall affected models. It’s a sad fact that not all car manufacturers are as proactive as Toyota in that respect.

There is a large dealer network worldwide

If you need parts or servicing work for your Toyota, you’ll find a dealer close to you in most parts of the world! You could head down to your local Inchcape Toyota or choose from one of the many other dealers at your disposal.

That means if you go abroad in your Toyota, and you need some help with it, there will be a dealer nearby to help you. And that’s not a fact that is common with most other marques! Read More: