Safety Features

Thankfully people have not been carried away by their desire for a fun and pleasurable driving experience. Safety still ranks among the topmost priorities of car owners and they expect safety features to be included in their cars. Wheel lock systems are a particularly useful feature that reduce the chances of a car being stolen or simply driven off. Many cars are now equipped with parking sensors installed in the rear as well as the front to assist with safe parking. To avoid injury when the car makes a sudden stop or hits a particularly steep bump on the road, head restraints are provided in the front and rear seats. Advanced braking systems and seat belts are also something that car owners are paying careful attention to in their latest models.


The concept of ergonomics is related to safety. Ergonomic features are of particular interest to those who spend a large part of their day driving their cars out on the road. Remaining in the same position and having the body in contact with the same surface for hours on end can result in muscular strain. Ergonomic features are demanded by such car owners as they serve to reduce the strain and make the driving experience more comfortable. Seats that provide support for the lumbar region, torso and thigh are becoming very common in recent car models. Similarly, high-end cars are equipped with a computerized system that allows the driver to set up personalized settings for ergonomic comfort. Read More: