Why Oil Changes are Getting Expensive

The answer is better technology. As mentioned earlier, the new engine oils are thinner, which means that they are more slippery and do not create friction inside your engine. This reduces the wear and tear and ensures a longer life for your engine. Moreover, the new engine oils also increase the fuel economy of your car. So much for the benefits. But what makes it so expensive. In contrast to conventional engine oils, the new engine oils are produced from synthetic blends instead of organic sources. Hence, the increased cost per oil change to keep your car in good working condition.

Is this a Momentary Change?

The next question is, can you avoid this Cost? You may think that all this added efficiency is not what you need and you might as well go on using the same oil you have been using all this while. The honest truth is that this is going to become harder and harder. Most Automobile Manufacturers, even those making affordable economy cars have been recommending the low-friction oils. So unless you own a car made by a company that still recommends the older oils, you will need to pay the additional cost for the new engine oils on your next trip to the service station Read More: AutosModel.com