The most important thing is to plan ahead. No matter how had you try, you will never be able to prepare yourself for possible issues, but it helps to try. Think about how you plan your schedule on a daily basis, and try to foresee how that will need to be adapted to a situation of being in the car for an extended period of time.

When traveling with small children, a routine is so important. Try your hardest to stick to the schedule they have become accustomed to; that means eating meals and having naps at the same time, as well as sticking to similar bedtimes. Attempting to stick to this routine will help with the weirdness and confusion a child might feel when their environment has been altered. Keeping with the theme of planning ahead, stick to that idea even when packing the car. Think of the objects you and your family will need while on the road, like iPads, DVD players, snacks and books for the kids, and make sure you keep those all within reach. Read More: