The first step is the most obvious; clean your car, and while basking in the spotlessness, attempt to maintain it. One cardboard coffee cup is much easier to clean up than ten, so the minute you finish that latte, toss the cup in a trash can rather than throwing it on your floor. In addition, try to keep non essentials moving; if you stop at a yard sale and buy a bunch of stuff you do not necessarily need, keep it moving by putting it in your home, giving it away, or trashing it. Do not leave it in the trunk of your vehicle to linger for the next ten years.

Once you have a clean surface, do a bit of planning. Think of how you are going to avoid this situation in the future. Keep reusable plastic bags around to quickly stick any napkins or tissues into, as it will make it so easier to keep trash contained, which makes it easier to get rid of it. Quick cleaning aids are also great allies, with Wet Wipes or baby wipes being a super easy way to clean up coffee spills and stains.

Consolidate your vehicle essentials. If you regularly bring your kids to soccer practice, and need to have first aid essentials just in case somebody scrapes their knee, try and keep your first aid items together. Rather than having the band aids on the front seat and the Neosporin in the trunk, find a bag of some sort where you can keep everything together. Not only is this sort of consolidation and order going to make your vehicle less chaotic, it will also make things so much easier when your child is crying and your can’t find and can’t find that Lego band-aid they need to keep living. Read More: