Blankets –  Layering with a blanket is a great idea, so that when your vehicle finally heats up, you can take it off and not worry about suffering from heat stroke when it is ten degrees outside. Keeping a blanket in your car is always a good idea. If you ever broke down in the dead of winter, and find that your car will not start, than a blanket could literally save your life. Even if your circumstances are a little less extreme, and it is more a matter of heating up your legs before they freeze to your seat,  blanket will surely make your daily commute a little more inviting.

A Hot Drink – Never overestimate the importance of a good, hot beverage. Whether it be tea, hot chocolate, a coffee or the most convoluted cappuccino on the menu, a hot beverage will instantly take the chill out of your bones and keep your fingers a little bit warmer.

Functional Gloves – On the subject of keeping our hands warm, multiple pairs of gloves kept in your car, in your office, in your pocket and in your house will mean that you will never be subjected to the possibility of black fingers and frostbite. For driving, a pair of gloves that have a good grip on the palms will aid in keeping traction with the steering wheel. Fingerless gloves are also super functional, especially if you need access to your fingers (maybe to grab your credit card while pulling through the drive-thru) without giving up the lovely warmth. Also optional are gloves that utilize touch-screen capable fingertips, perfect for maintaining use of you devices (though not while driving of course). Read More: