No matter what vehicle you drive at the moment, is it vital that you perform basic maintenance checks over the next couple of months. Depending on where you live in the world, the winter time could be very harsh, and so covering the basics should help to ensure your car stays in good working order. The last thing anyone wants is to be late for work in the morning because their engine won’t start. Likewise, trips to see your local mechanic can end up costing a pretty penny.

There are lots of different jobs you can perform at home to cut back on expenditure and limit the chances of a breakdown. All you need is some simple advice from the experts. Don’t worry too much if you’ve never lifted your bonnet before. Nothing is as complicated as you imagine. We would never recommend anyone without official qualifications or experience to mess around with key components. The only tasks we implore you to perform are very basic, but they could make a huge difference. Whether you’ve had your car for years or only just obtained with the help of a specialist like, the same rules will apply. Read More